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Buy a wax pen designed and manufactured by UP Tech, the pioneers, and leaders of the oil vaporizer market. here at TeamGreenOnline. UP Tech has dominated the wax pen market since they first entered the market it 2008. Since then they have been a step ahead of the competition. Your health is at the center of every UP Tech Design.

If you are just starting and want to buy a wax pen then check out the Oil Vaporizers / Wax Pens section. The Omicron v5 is our Flagship wax pen, the Omega is for those with a tighter budget and the Bubbleman Trinity Kit is our latest innovation.

If you already have a vaporizer and you would like to upgrade it to vape wax then you need the Oil / Wax Cartridges section. Get the Alpha Centauri v3 for all the functionality of the Omicron, powered by your own battery. The Hercules Oil Cartridge is completely unique, there is no other cartridge that can compete for flavour. The Bubbleman Trinity Tank is perfect for high terpene, thick viscosity oil.

Add water filtration to your vaporizer with one of our Bubblers. These make the perfect addition to any of our wax pens. Adding a bubbler lets you view vapor production as well as adding moisture to your vapor to create a smoother vaping experience.

We carry all the spares and repairs you could need at the Coils & Replacements. If there is anything you cannot see please get in touch and we will do our best to get it in stock.

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