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July 25, 2017

Omega Budget Wax Pen / Oil Vaporizer


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The Omega 650 is our midsize variable voltage oil vaporizer, it’s our Budget Wax Pen option. Its voltage dial lets you decide if you want to savor flavor or chase clouds with the included Prime oil cartridge. The Omega works with both 510 and Ego threaded cartridges. This means it is compatible with most of the cartridges available on this site. Please get in touch if you have any questions about compatibility. It features a self-adjusting cartridge contact pin for greatest compatibility. It recharges with a Micro USB port for unmatched convenience.
The Omega Oil Vaporizer comes as a complete kit with everything you need; just add oil, shatter or wax. This budget wax pen makes no compromises when it comes to your health and safety nor it’s build quality. It includes the same porous black ceramic and grade two titanium found in the more expensive models, it is just not quite as powerful.
This vaporizer is compatible with both the Single Coil and Dual coil KISS Cartridges. These are available from the Oil / Wax Cartridges sections of the website.
  • 1x Omega 650 mAh variable volt battery with 3.3-4.8V output
  • 1 x Prime Single Coil Grade 2 Titanium Oil Cartridge
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable


Coils include a warranty against DOA / manufacturing defects within 24 hours of receipt. Once you have loaded the coil, no warranty applies and you will not receive a replacement. Please test each new coil in a completely dark room by applying 5 second pulses of low power until you see a dull glow. Do not allow the coil to glow red. If the coil does not heat after the fourth power cycle, please send a video showing the issue. Please send the email to Include your Order ID within 24 hours of receipt, no exceptions
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