Kiss AC v3 wax atomizer
Kiss Alpha Centauri v3 Wax Atomizer / Oil Cartridge
September 8, 2017
Trinity kit for thick oil
Bubbleman Trinity Kit For Thick Oil
September 13, 2017
Trinity Thick Tank, Thick Oil Cartridge

Bubbleman Trinity Tank, Refillable Thick Oil Cartridge


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The Trinity is the healthiest tank system available in the world, try it and you will see.


The Bubbleman Trinity tank is designed for any type of oil that flows at room temperature and especially for oils mixed with 10-15% Terpene content. The materials are carefully selected to make sure that taste is not altered in any way. The Tank uses a Titanium Grade 2 / SiC Hybrid Heater coming in about 0.5 ohms. Max Capacity is 0.6 ml and it’s reusable.

The Bubbleman Series First Generation Trinity Tank Tank ( Refillable Thick Oil Cartridge ) incorporates our industry-leading technology and manufacturing practices that set us apart from the rest. This new oil system incorporates a 2nd generation heating element. This provides you more flavour than other silica and ceramic wick type heaters and is both cleanable and refillable. This allows us to bring the KISS practices to the Trinity Thick Oil Tank.
This tank is designed to be powered by the Bubbleman brand battery. However, the Omicron or any sub ohm capable battery will be able to power it. Do not fire above 14watts.
This thick oil cartridge can hold more than half a gram of your favorite extract and does not deteriorate the flavour as you use it. The last cloud will taste just as good as the first with no discolouring of your extracts!  No more refilling multiple times a day and ending up with bad tasting oil. Then once the cart has run out, you can clean and refill it. You can expect the same build quality you have come to expect from the rest of the range you can find here. They are refillable and you can clean them in the same way you clean all of the other coils we stock here. These tanks are a game changer and we fully expect them to take the market by storm.
Check out the Videos page for some instructional videos.

What sets the Trinity apart from other tanks?

  • Titanium Grade 2 SiC Hybrid Heater
  • Stainless Construction
  • Reusable/Cleanable ISO Baths
  • Temperature Control Capability
  • 7 Day Warranty
  • 12-18 watt range
  • Cotton-free
  • Glue-free
  • Weld-free
  • Plastic-free


  • Trinity Tank.


The cartridge has a 7-day warranty as long as it is used with the Bubbleman Brand Vaporizer.

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