Wax Coils & Spares

The Omicron Oil Vaporizer / Wax Pen has a range of different wax coils to suit all tastes. The dual black porous ceramic is the best seller and is most people favourite. The wicks soak up your extract and it’s then heated by the heavy-duty grade 2 titanium wire that surrounds the wick. This provides the best of both worlds, big clouds of vapor with little sacrifice to flavour. The 1701 doughnut has long been the favourite for flavour opposed by the quartz coil which creates superior size clouds.  The Sirius and Canopus are the newest coils and include the biggest wicks of all the coils. The results in a higher capacity and improved flavour.

Spare parts

We also stock spare parts for all the vaporizers and cartridges we stock here. So you never need to worry about getting hold of the correct part. We know how frustrating it can be.

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