Oil / Wax Cartridges

Add a compatible battery mod to any of these Wax Cartridges to create an Oil Vaporizer, Dab or Wax Pen. These ship to anywhere in Europe from the U.K. A Wax cartridge is a perfect option if you want to start vaporizing CBD oil or wax and already own a vaporizer. All of the Wax Cartridges on this page are 510 threaded so will fit onto nearly any vaporizer. There are options to suit all budgets, starting with the KISS Cart. Mid-range is the Alpha Centauri which has an enormous amount of coil and upgrading options. The Hercules is for the most experienced user or our newest product the Bubbleman Trinity Tank is for terpene infused extracts.


If you own a vaporizer already the odds are it can power something on this page. However, not all of the Wax Cartridges are compatible with every battery mod. If you are unsure of compatibility please get in touch at support@teamgreenonline.co.uk

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