Add water filtration to your UP Tech Oil Vaporizer / Wax pen with a bubbler.

This bubbler gives you the benefit of viewing vapor production as well as adding moisture for a smoother vaporizing experience. The nibbler AC is compatible with the Alpha Centauri range and the Nibbler XL is compatible with the Hercules. Both are American hand blown glass so are incredibly durable. These will not shatter with the slightest knock like most glass. Though we don’t encourage you to test this!

The Okeanos is a stand-alone unit and has wax atomizer inside it. Add it to a compatible battery mod and you have a complete wax pen with a built-in bubbler. These bubblers ship from the U.K. to all over Europe.

Adding water filtration making a huge difference to the taste of your vapor. Once you’ve tried it you won’t know how you went so long without it.

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