About Us

We at Team Green have been passionately following the essential oil industry which has exploded in America in recent years. This trend has captured our interest and we are honored to be bringing UP Tech products home to the U.K.

Utopia Planitia Technologies strive to invent and lead the essential oil industry they helped start in 2008. Their philosophy is to always improve and provide the best quality products to their customers, which is why they spent time and resources developing the next generation of oil vaporizers.

Are you as excited as we are yet?

Who Are We?

That's a good question. We are a team of enthusiasts who have spent many hours researching the essential oil industry and have created this business with the intention of sharing these findings with you.

What we hope to achieve?

This is the beginning of a very exciting adventure for us. We intend on providing you with not just a product but with an experience exceeding expectations at every level. We plan on having a front seat when this industry explodes in the U.K. and hope you will be there to join us!